Play Aladdin Runner online
Play Aladdin Runner online

Aladdin Runner, as you can guess from the title, is a running game inspired by the movie Aladdin. You will be playing with the hero of the movie through the busy and beautiful streets of Arabia. Collect coins along the way and avoid the barrels and the other items in the bazaar and run until forever. There will be secret police that might come for you so beware of them. You can also use the coins you collect to buy new cool items and customize the handsome Aladdin.

If you know Aladdin well, you will know that this game won’t be fun without the infamous flying carpet. You can find this one sometimes along your run. Seize the opportunity to hop on it and enjoy the view from above without worries of obstacles or the police. However, it won’t be fun if this goes on forever so be prepared to fall back onto the ground and continue the run. Try this game and put your skills to the most fun test ever!


  • Use AD or the left/right arrows to move left or right        
  • Press W or the up arrow to jump       
  • Press S or the down arrow to slide


  • Enjoy the run through the stunning streets of Arabia
  • Test your running skills and avoid the obstacles along your run
  • You might get the chance to hop onto the magic flying carpet and enjoy a sky view of the city
  • The game features tasks that you must complete to unlock more cool items
  • You can purchase upgrades and cool items to customize Aladdin

Release Date:

Jan 2018


Game Videos

Aladdin Runner - Gameplay
Aladdin Runner - Gameplay
Apr 27, 2021

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