Play Angry Chickens online
Play Angry Chickens online

This game is pretty similar to Angry Snakes. To play this game, you need to direct terrific chickens to any position so that they can catch perfectly every egg falling from above. If they do it precisely, they will become bigger and bugger! A mouse will help you play this game. Move it to the right or the left. Push the left button of the mouse to increase the speed of your chickens. 

The longer you make the chickens run the more chances you win the game. Destroy all enemy chickens by crashing them with your chicken. Remember to adjust the speed of your chicken. You can use this to make a strategy. Place every trap in the right place and time. Make your enemy chickens get trapped and fail to pass over.


Move your mouse to control the chicken's movement.


  • You will be able to alter your chicken's color
  • Dead chickens will turn into bread
  • Addictive gameplay

Release Date:

Jan 2018


Game Videos

Angry Chickens WORLD RECORD Big Long Snake
Angry Chickens WORLD RECORD Big Long Snake
May 23, 2020

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