Play Angry Snakes online
Play Angry Snakes online

Angry Snakes is a very amusing game focused on controlling a snake that looks pretty angry! Despite the wide array of color options, all the snakes have one funny thing in common – the angry looks! As simple as it can be, this game’s goal is to collect the glowing dots sprinkled all over the map and try to annihilate the other angry snakes. If you’ve ever played that game, you’ll notice that this gameplay is similar to that of

Annihilating the other snakes might seem hard, but it’s done simply by crossing the angry snake’s way to make it collide with you and Bam! It’s dead. After you have laid waste to the opponent, you can use their remains to grow bigger. Your size gives you an advantage against your enemies as obvious from the way you kill them. There is also a speed boost feature that decreases your size as you use it so you might wanna use it wisely! So, do you think you can become the alpha snake in the field and take down the other angry snakes?


  • Use the mouse to move the snake around         
  • Left-click to boost snake speed


Release Date:

Sep 2017


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