Play BattleTanks online
Play BattleTanks online

BattleTanks is an online tank shooting game. Here, two teams will be facing each other until one of them is completely destroyed! You get to drive a tank and go after your opponents. There will be bullets and health power-ups during the game that will boost your stats and help you shatter your enemies! To be able to save your stats and climb up to the top spots of the leaderboard you have to sign in. The game also has various customizable features like your tank and much more! You can also play as a team.

Most importantly aim to land as many kills as you can. Whenever you hit, kill, or play another match, you gain points to climb up the rankings and game cash that can be used to customize your tank. You can also visit the custom lobbies where you can play with your friends! Add your touch to BattleTanks world and create new tank models and arenas. Also, we’re open to your suggestions on our Discord Server!


  • W to drive forward         
  • S to drive backward         
  • A to rotate left         
  • D to rotate right         
  • Left-click to shoot         
  • R to reload         
  • E to activate ramming speed         
  • Enter to start chatting         
  • Right-click to look behind

Release Date:

Jan 2019


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