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Controls game is all about collecting blobbies to increase your hook size and using your hook to eliminate your enemies. This is a multiplayer game where you have to move the overall arena to collect colorful blobbies which will increase the size of your hook.

The mouse control of this game is that movement of your mouse depicts the movement of your own blobbie whereas the left click in the mouse is required to use your hook to eliminate your enemies. The right-click is used to speed up and boost your blobbies and escape from possible dangers.


  • Use left mouse button to hook
  • Press right mouse button or space bar to boost speed


  • You can increase the size of the hook in this game by collecting more blobbies.
  • This is an interesting and simple multiplayer gameplay with many players playing from worldwide
  • The skins of the blobbies are unlockable in this game.

Release Date:

Feb 2018


Developer: was developed by Clown Games.

Game Videos WORLD RECORD 11481 SCORE (Gameplay) WORLD RECORD 11481 SCORE (Gameplay)
Jun 03, 2020 Pro Gameplay #1 on Leaderboard Pro Gameplay #1 on Leaderboard
Jun 03, 2020

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