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In, you will be a cute yellow emoji running around and avoiding your opponents and the bomby bombs scattered all around the map. You will start small, but using your skills you can grow bigger with each gem you collect on your way. As you’re moving slowly towards victory, throw bombs around the field to hinder the other players. These bombs cannot stay forever, and they will detonate after some time.

To add more fun to the game, there are heat-seeking mines placed specially to destroy you as you approach them. The mines can be red or yellow. The red ones can cause severe damage to your cute emoji while the yellow ones slow you down for a short while. These mines are not unavoidable, and speed boosts can help avoid them and your opponents. Use the boosts wisely and be the master of the arena!


  • Use the mouse to move 
  • Click LMB to drop a bomb        
  • Click RMB to use speed boosts

Release Date:

Sep 2017


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Jan 22, 2021

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