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This awesome game known as is inspired by the legendary Minecraft. At the start, you are provided with pickaxe and sword. You have to collect different resources by moving around the map for surviving.

In this multi-player game, you have to trade or fight against other people according to your choice. You can form structures by placing the blocks. You can also play this game in


  • WASD to move
  • Left mouse button to attack/gather/place a block
  • Number keys to switch an item
  • Shift to sneak
  • T to chat
  • Enter to send
  • ESC to exit
  • E to open the crafting/shop menu


  • 2D top-down camera view
  • Resources gathering and crafting gameplay
  • You can replace the blocks while building bases
  • You can also trade the items with other players
  • You can either play this game in teams
  • You can play this game on full-screen, too.

Release Date:

May 2019


Developer: was developed by Loonride.

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