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The battle is now in the helicopter, folks! Join the battle and fight your enemies in the epic game where you fly around in your helicopter and battle other players in the sky. It is developed by the same developer who has developed the Yohoho game and is nowhere less than the epic pirate game.

Level up into the game by destroying other helicopters, and planes whatever you see in the sky from the enemy side. Upgrade your skills and grow stronger. You can also make your helicopter better than others by adding snipers, multiple cannons, fast shooters, grenades, and more. Dominate your opponents to become the king of the arena into the sky.


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse or arrow keys to move
  • Mouse button or up arrow key to shoot
  • Right mouse button or E, as well as middle mouse button or X, for special abilities


  • Full screen availability
  • Ability to use awesome weapons like laser beams, banana bombs, grenades, bullet wipes, teleports, and airstrikes
  • Ability to change and customize controls in the menu
  • 3 fun levels with great quality of graphics
  • Ability to save your progress and play later by registration

Release Date:

Oct 2019


Developer: was developed by Exodragon Games.

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