Play CrazyBattle online
Play CrazyBattle online

CrazyBattle is yet another one of our super cool multiplayer battle games. Parachute into the battlefield with nothing but a knife, then you must run around the map and collect weapons and equipment. For extra protection, the game allows you to collect other materials and use them to build a fortress.

This game’s graphics are spectacular, and the gameplay is super fun. So, can you survive and become the ruler of CrazyBattle?

CrazyBattle is a game that was first released in January 2019 under the name Later, in March 2020 it was renamed CrazyBattle.


  • Left-click to shoot         
  • Use WASD keys to move         
  • Press Z, X, or C to choose wall type         
  • Right-click to place walls         
  • Press 1-5 to switch items/weapons         
  • Press E to do actions         
  • Press Shift to run         
  • Press Enter to start chatting         
  • Hold space bar to jump off the parachute


  • Top-down view         
  • You get to collect resources and build fortifying walls         
  • A wide range of weapons to pick from         
  • A thrilling experience thanks to the awesome graphics          
  • You can unlock new skins as you advance


Release Date:

Jan 2019


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