Play (Zombie) online
Play (Zombie) online
Controls is a zombie multiplayer game with a twist. Instead of fighting the zombies, this time you will be one of them. This game has a very simple agenda EAT! Everything, or actually everyone, humans and zombies alike, unleash your hunger and wrath! The more you eat, the more you can upgrade and improve your hungry zombie and your skills and stats.

There are more characters and models you can unlock the more you play. So, do you want to be the Alpha zombie and rule the apocalypse?


Left-click to move around


  • This game is a Zombie-starring edition of Crowd city         
  • There are several levels in this game         
  • You can unlock new zombies and upgrade the ones you have         
  • Cool 3D graphics and full-screen mode available         
  • There is a Restore Life feature

Release Date:

Apr 2019


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