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Controls is a multiplayer game developed by Evil Noob. The zombies are ravaging the world in this zombie apocalypse survival madness. In this world where only a handful of fearless humans remain, get yourself a weapon and try to fight and stay alive for as long as possible against these zombies that are hungry for blood! Your blood. Not only are the zombies your enemies, but also the other players might try to come for you. Beat these vile creatures and prove yourself the master of the world!


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move around         
  • Press Shift to roll         
  • Press C to crouch         
  • Use the Space bar to jump
  • Right-click to aim
  • Left-click to shoot                   
  • Use 12345 to switch weapon         
  • Press E to do an action         
  • Press Enter to start chatting         
  • Press Tab to open the leaderboard         
  • Press P to pause         
  • Press L to lock/unlock the mouse


  • It’s a third-person shooter survival game with amazing 3D graphics         
  • A big map detailing the zone where all the enemies are         
  • There’s a variety of weapons to pick up. And they’re scattered all around

Release Date:

Jan 2019


Developer: was developed by Evil Noob, LLC.

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