Play Fall Ball online
Play Fall Ball online

Fall Ball is another super fun game that will make you addicted to its platforms. You will be controlling a ball and navigating through a bunch of platforms by clicking your LMB in the direction you want to steer to. The game is endless, and your mission will be to score as high as humanly possible. You will be jumping through platforms, so timing is key; if you fall off you die and start over.

Where is the fun without enemies and boosters? There will be red balls that will make handling your ball even trickier. Beware of those! If you go far enough, you will come across speed boosters that will make you score even higher! So, how far can you go?


Hold LMB to steer the ball.


  • Jump ramps, speed boosts, and enemy balls       
  • The platforms have different skins.

Release Date:

May 2018


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