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Controls is an exciting arcade game created by Inlogic Software. Also, is a mind-challenging fishing game where a fisherman tries to collect tons of fish as possible as progress to another level. The fisherman may find various treasures such as diamonds at different parts of the sea.

As you control the fisherman in the quest to find treasure and fish, you should be keen to watch out on dangerous obstacles such as cans, tins or old boots. Loss of life can be very disadvantageous since the player would have to begin the whole mission all over again.

As a player, your character is also only given a limited number of chances to cast a fishing line. Exhaustion of these attempts also makes you begin the whole task again.


Hold left mouse button to control the hook.


Fishing is a unique arcade game that gives you a nice challenge on the quest to collect tone of fish and is quite a mind-blowing game that deserves a lot of keen mastering of the game as you progress on your fishing quest control is straightforward to master the use of a MOUSE to control the fisherman, navigate on the menu and visit the trophy room where the winner trophies are stored, left CLICK on the Mouse to select on numerous objects that may be useful when on the fish collecting quest.

Release Date:

May 2020


Developer: was developed by Inlogic Software.

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Jul 12, 2020

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