Play Forge of Empires online
Play Forge of Empires online

Forge of Empires is an online strategy game in the epic genre. Here you are meant to form civilization and oversee it while it gradually progresses through different time periods; from the stone age to the present day. It is meant to be played by people who love to build discover and rule. If so go forth and discover new territories, construct an empire, and rule as an all-powerful leader transcending several generations.

Forge of Empires

This game is without a doubt one of the best strategy games around.  At the moment, the game has 18 time periods featured; the Industrial era, Colonial times, Middle and stone ages just to name some. Each era fits with different structures and appropriate technology. With its interactive gameplay, players get to structure their city however they deem fit. During each of these ages, you must take part in batter, rate goods, and trade; you also have to build this world piece by piece to be able to successfully evolve to modern times.


  • To interact, left-click          
  • To control zoom level, mouse scroll



Inside the city you’re building, you can create different structures like military bases, houses, and research areas. Before starting, players might have to put things like different building structures, new technology, and enemies into consideration.


You need to produce raw materials for the production of goods. The goods can in turn be battered by other players at the market. Exchange of products with those around you is very advantageous- you will get to work with and be proficient in different technologies at a faster pace. Trading usually means you can progress into new ages quicker. This process is time-consuming and with limited resources, you need to make wise decisions to make the most of the tech pyramid.


You will need information and the ability to build your civilization and evolve, so do plenty of research. Get upgrades such as smithery, the wheel, and education by trading in forge points. And most importantly make sure you build your army as well. Train your army to conquer and seize control of territories.

Battle System

This game has an undeniably impressive battle system. You get to choose the units in your army you want to fight with while also deciding how to move in and around the battlefield. For extra protection use your environment as cover. As your army gathers strength, you can use it to attack different regions and collect the rewards. Keep control over the territories to boost your resources and develop the empire.

More Information

Check out the wiki fandom page for further information on this game. In this game you have an option to negotiate or use your army’s force- you can be a ruthless tyrant or rely entirely on trade. In-app purchases can also be disabled but using money will be of an advantage in the game.


  • This is a full-featured MMO game         
  • You need to advance through different times         
  • Each age has a different structure appearance         
  • There are quests to be completed         
  • Throughout the year there will be special events

Release Date:

May 2018



Forge of Empires was developed by InnoGames.

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