Play Free Rally: Lost Angeles online
Play Free Rally: Lost Angeles online

Free Rally: Lost Angeles is a super fun free-style game taking place in the City of Angels. This game offers multiplayer gameplay and pretty cool 3D graphics. In addition to driving cars and taking passengers, you will also get the chance to pilot a helicopter. Enjoy the freestyle playing and have loads of fun in LA!


  • Press P to show/hide car selector     
  • Use WASD or arrows to drive car and helicopter, and to move while on foot         
  • Press Space bar to use the handbrake        
  • Press E to exit/enter from the car      
  • Press F to get in/get out in the car like as a passenger
  • Press Q to pause/play radio     
  • Press K to kick a passenger    
  • Press G to get the car up         
  • Press R to signal  
  • Press V to seek rocket on the military cars and helicopter        
  • Press I to use the light on 3d person 
  • Press I to start/stop the engine on the helicopter   
  • Press C to change the camera view  
  • Press Enter to type in chat      
  • Press ESC to return to the menu

Release Date:

Dec 2020


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