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Controls is a very simple and fun drawing game. This is a multiplayer game whereby the other players draw somethings that all other players have to guess what the drawn thing is and the right guess wins. In the same, you can draw awesome things to let others guess what it is!


In order to draw anything you have to drag the left mouse and in the same you can left-click to choose a color.


It is an online drawing game whereby you have to either draw and let others guess or guess what other draws. When it's your turn to draw then you can choose one of the two choices that are available for you. You also have an option to provide a hint for a tough one. But you cannot draw the symbols, letters, or something like that as it can be reported as cheating. Points will be awarded to those players who place the right guess. It also provides a custom setting whereby you can create your own multiplayer room inviting your friends to play with you. Several drawing themes namely: animals, foods, generals, and jobs are available here or you can also create your own theme if you wish to.

Release Date:

Jul 2017


Game Videos

Jun 15, 2020

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