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Controls is an epic multiplayer fighting game. Your character is a valiant warrior and together you must attempt to annihilate other opponents in the arena. From a Teutonic knight to a Viking, your character choice of who you want to fight with is entirely up to you! Whatever warrior you pick also comes with a designated weapon, armor, and shield. And there’s still more to fun, go after the colored gems that you’ll find around the arena.

These will give you a power boost and therefore improving the level of your character. As your character progresses, so does their strength and damage capability. Be careful though, for if you are killed in the arena you will have to start all over from the scratch! Pick your warrior and proceed to vanquish your enemies! Don’t miss out on the fun!


  • Use your mouse to move character         
  • Left-click (Mouse) or press the space bar (Keyboard) to attack


  • A variety of tribes you can choose from         
  • Your warrior’s strength will grow as you collect gems         
  • You can pick a peasant as your character. But you’ll only deliver half the damage


Release Date:

Sep 2017


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