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Play the armed forces which is a 2D game that involves a real-time strategy for you to complete any level. Destroy all the hostiles and have a victorious gun battle by deploying the various squadron units to join the fight at a cost. High-priced soldiers require you to find a power box. The boxes will create more soldiers at your disposal because they get to be passing through currency for deployments.

For you to attack your enemies around the map, you get to control your movements. The beginning of the games comes with five soldiers available which means you have to recruit more when playing. Unlock them using the gold points while fighting other players and collecting chest points. The number is limited, and as soon as you get killed in a level, then you have quit the game.

The old and new types of various firearms can get summoned by the units you collected; hence the more the battles you're going to engage in and win. The game has an online mode that can support a maximum of teams to play and a minimum of ten players. You have the option to choose your building team and unlocking of better 2D character that have guns.

The start of the battle will require you to have the high-level squadrons who will get to assist you fight your enemies. The more you continue playing and getting to different stages, the harder it becomes for you to overcome your enemies. Plan your tactics well enough for you to be able to dominate the battlefield and create an army troop.

Correspond with the numb keys so that you can be able to recruit more soldiers. Without knowing this trick, you may not have any soldiers to fight on your side. The skill you should practice is to make sure you have the right number of soldiers and try protecting them as much as possible if you aim at completing a specific mission without fail. Doing this will help you also unlock several new units that will boost your survival level and machinery options to destroy the enemy in the games concentrated battle.  The online game is part of the Shooting, Arcade, Multiplayer, and IO categories of gaming, and we know how such games offer a pleasant experience.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left-click to shoot
  • 1-6 to buy units


  • The game involves .io shooting
  • Choice and freedom to deploy units
  • The commander is the heart of the troops
  • You can unlock the new units
  • Graphics are 2D

Release Date:

May 2018


Game Videos

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