Play Hand Spinner IO 3D online
Play Hand Spinner IO 3D online

Hand Spinner IO 3D is a pretty cool game featuring at its center a fidget spinner! Your aim as a player is to try and kick the other players out of the game by throwing out their spinners from the ring using only your spinner. The more players you take out, the bigger your spinner will be and the more damage you can deliver to others.

There are plenty of upgrades that you can purchase to make your fidget spinner stronger and give yourself higher chances of dominating the arena. So, are you ready to become the monster fidget spinner that rules the arena?


Drag the left button of your mouse to move.


  • A fidget spinner game that supports multiplayer gameplay         
  • There many upgrades that can be purchase to make your spinner better                  
  • There are more than 18 spinner models that you can choose from and you can use the Super Bump skill         
  • There are regular missions that guarantee rewards when completed successfully

Release Date:

Apr 2019


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