Play I Am the Ninja 2 online
Play I Am the Ninja 2 online

In I am the Ninja 2, you are an actual professional ninja trying to prove his skills to his master through a bunch of challenges on platforms. You will be jumping and sliding to avoid the obstacles and traps designed to put you down.

The controls are easy, and the game puts your speed and instincts to a great test. Timing is key, so make sure you react at the exact right moment in the exact right way, or else you’re gone. Beat the challenges and prove them all wrong! So, are you ready to show your master that you’re the best Ninja in town?


  • Press the up arrow to jump      
  • Press the left arrow to stop      
  • Press the right arrow to sprint  
  • Press the down arrow to slide


  • You are a Ninja challenged to complete many levels and prove his skills in this super fun platform game.
  • A variety of cool challenges, traps, and obstacles
  • Many cool Ninja moves to perform and enjoy
  • Once you finish all the levels, you can play endlessly and break records in the Endless Mode

Release Date:

Apr 2018


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