Play Let's Fish online
Play Let's Fish online

This game, as you can guess from the name, is a fun fishing game. In this online game, you can challenge your buddies in fishing duels and join tournaments and championships where you will be catching over 600 fish species and types in more than 60 amazing locations. Without further ado, join us in this fun game and Let’s Fish!


Use the mouse to play


How to Play?

You will start the game with a simple task to finish. The game is all about speed. Click as quickly as you can and sink your hook into the fish. Once you finish that first easy task, you will be depending on yourself in baiting the fish. And don’t worry! You will have loads of fun with the variety of baits available for all the species.

Fish Species:

For maximum fun, this game contains over 650 fish species. You will get to be an expert fisherman with all types of fish, from Tuna and catfish to whales and great sharks. We guarantee you will become the ruler of the waters.

Fishing Locations:

From Alaska to Norway, the game offers a wide collection of stunning locations. Just grab a drink and enjoy fishing in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and gulfs of America and Europe.

Fishing Gear:

The game offers a variety of fishing gear to suit all locations and species. From fishing nets to hooks, lines, reels, and baits, you’ll get to enjoy a vast collection and various types of gears to make your experience very authentic and allow you to show off your knowledge by picking the right gear and bait for the exact species that you expect to find in the specific location. You will also be able to modify your gear to make it your style.

Multiplayer Gameplay:

For those who are fishing for the thrill, the multiplayer mode will allow you to compete against your friends and beat them on one-on-one fishing battles. You can also show off your skills in fishing tournaments and championships. Join the fun and thrill to become an expert in fishing, beat all your friends, and climb the ranking board!


  • More than 650 types of fish to catch in more than 60 stunning locations
  • You will feel like an expert with the extremely realistic fishing gear
  • You can challenge other players in real-time one-on-one gameplay.


Release Date:

Sep 2020



Let's Fish was developed by Ten Square Games.

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