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Just as the name suggests, this is a Minecraft-style game. Your main goal in this game is to survive, and you have the choice of how exactly you want to do that. The trick in this multiplayer game is as follows: the middle zone is a safe zone. You are not permitted to commit anything as long as you’re in it. Don’t break the rules!


  • Use WASD (or arrows) to move
  • Use F to open/close player inventory
  • Press Left shift to run
  • Press Enter to chat        
  • Click LMB to attack (Hold to shoot from the bow)  
  • Click RMB to action (Open the block inventory, Put the block, or Use the teleport)
  • Press Keys 1 to 8 to switch active items in the quick inventory 
  • Press Q to drop active items    
  • Press Esc to close active window / open game menu

Release Date:

Sep 2019


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