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Controls is a multiplayer Mine craft-styled graphics battling royale game where players engage in mining numerous resources and, in the end, craft them into new equipment.

Like any other battle royale game in the market, the danger zone is a very competitive multi gameplay; players must be determined and make wise choices to stay in the game. Make sure before joining the arena, equipped your character with adequate gadgets so that you can defeat the other opponents.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left mouse button to attack/mine
  • Number keys to switch between the items
  • E to open the crafting menu
  • Shift to sneak


The game comes with unique features to help characters used by players to help them become much more durable than other characters in the platform. game has TNTs that can cause more considerable damages on enemies and massively destroy blocks comes with a slightly improved vision; the 2D graphics with a top-down view give the whole game a better experience with a somewhat colorful appearance and sound elements.

Release Date:

Dec 2018


Developer: was developed by Loonride.

Game Videos - Game preview - Game preview
Jul 14, 2020 - New .io Gameplay - New .io Gameplay
Jul 14, 2020

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