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Controls is another exciting game focused on collecting supplies to create your village. Collect these supplies by hitting trees and rocks and get wood and stones from them. These items in turn can be used to build walls (for protection of your collected supplies) and windmills (designed to generate points with time). Also, to find food and bring your HP back up, simply knock around some fruit bushes. So, by now it’s probably clear that the main objective is to collect resources and supplies to gain experience and subsequently increase your level in the game. Additionally, you can select the type of upgrade you want from the different ones available after every level-up. Be cautious of other people though! They tend to be hostile.

UPDATE: If you enjoy this game, don’t miss the chance to check out It’s developed by the same company and its strategy and goals resemble those of


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move around         
  • Press number keys of 1 through 9 or left-click to select item/building         
  • Left-click or press space bar to gather resource/hit other players         
  • Press E to toggle auto-attack         
  • Press Q to quick select food         
  • Press X to lock rotation         
  • Press R to ping mini map         
  • Press C to add map marker         
  • Press Enter to start chatting


  • An exciting combination of collecting supplies and creating your own mini-world          
  • Contains wild animals for more fun         
  • You can upgrade your character and obtain better items          
  • Also features party system


Release Date:

Mar 2017


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