Play My Dolphin Show 2 online
Play My Dolphin Show 2 online

My Dolphin Show 2 is the sequel of the super fun aquarium game My Dolphin Show. Present the perfect performance and charm everyone with your awesome tricks and perfect timing. All eyes are on you, and this is your chance to prove your skills to the entire aquarium. Be quick, swift, and sharp and earn the highest rating the audience can give you. Remember that these people are very hard to please. They expect the absolute best from you so make sure not to lag at all costs! Are you ready to impress the crowd?

The Stunning Tricks

The game features many cool tricks you can use to your favor:

  • Jumping over hurdles and through hoops
  • Playing with beach bouncy balls
  • Front flips and tail flips
  • Playing with the instructor
  • Splashing water all over the audience
  • Synchronized swimming

There will be a board showing you your target and the stunts you must perform with detailed instructions. Follow these instructions and win the love of the audience. This will also come with a prize for your dolphin; tasty fish and cute stars to collect underwater. In this sequel of the game, you will be able to swim alongside your instructor and make a golden duo that will make all the jaws drop!

The game offers two modes: Standard and Showtime Special. It is recommended that you start with the standard show in which you can learn the tricks and work on your timing in order to perfect your show. The second version of My Dolphin Show features many new cool tricks and moves that will take time to learn and master. Once you’re a professional, head to the showtime special and show off your skills. This mode is very difficult compared to the standard, but the harder the challenge the sweeter the prize!

With each show you impress the audience through, you will be earning cash that you can later use to purchase upgrades. You know how professional you must be to make huge amounts of cash that can allow you to buy everything you’d like. Also, the Showtime Specials are usually limited so use them wisely and don’t start unless you’re 100% aiming for perfection. The cash you will make after those can be used to purchase the cutest outfits for your talented dolphins to make them even more adorable. So, are you ready to explore the world of My Dolphin Show 2?


Use WASD or the arrow keys to control your dolphin

Release Date:

Dec 2019


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