Play Nimble Fish online
Play Nimble Fish online

Nimble Fish is an awesome social fish game with amazing graphics and extremely fun gameplay. You will be playing with a cute little fish living in the great vast ocean. Have loads of fun trying to create a gang of friends while also trying to survive the other big fish and blood-thirsty predators.

You’ll be making friends by stopping in their way and then leading them away from the beasts to safety. The more friends you save, the higher your score will be! The controls are crazy easy. All you have to do is move your mouse in the direction you want your fish to go. So, how many friends do you think you can make?


Move your mouse to control the direction of your fish.


  • A children’s game in which you play with a small fish and make friends in the vast ocean
  • Your fish is threatened by big fish, jellyfish, and other predators        
  • Super cool graphics and fun gameplay

Release Date:

Mar 2018


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