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Controls is designed with cool ninja gameplay as it is a multiplayer shoot-em-up game. Quick reactions are the key in this game so you have to react quickly to prevail. You have to control a single ninja stickman character in this game. You can move it around different levels by pressing the WASD keys. You can bamboozle other players by performing a variety of moves, tricks, and jumps.

You are also provided with many weapons and grenades. This game has two modes such as deathmatch and capture the flag. You have to eliminate your opponents as many as possible in the deathmatch mode. In case of capture the flag mode, you have to try and steal the flag of your enemy and take it to your own base. Are you ready to show off your extreme ninja skills?


  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump
  • X to prone
  • E to throw a grenade
  • Q to swap weapon
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to fly


  • Various Ninja characters
  • You can use different primary and secondary weapons
  • 2 game modes: capture the flag and deathmatch
  • The game includes physical concepts
  • Beautifully designed thematic maps
  • More features to come!

Release Date:

Sep 2018


Game Videos

My Best Snipes At!
My Best Snipes At!
May 22, 2020 1v1 vs Jukegod333z! (New Map) 1v1 vs Jukegod333z! (New Map)
May 22, 2020
New Map Secret Trick |
New Map Secret Trick |
May 22, 2020

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