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Controls is a multiplayer game where you control a Piaf or bird and try to knock other Piaf’s out of the sky using your ball. You can collect and eat more food items across the map through your ball as it rotates around your body as the planet rotates around the Sun. Then your bird will move in a downward direction automatically and you can make it fly in an upward direction by pressing the left or right arrow keys.

While moving across the map, try to avoid touching the red outer area and keep your Piaf flying. Take out other Piaf’s by hitting them through your rotating ball and enhance the speed of your Piaf by using the space bar. Handle the speed boost carefully as it decreases the size, as well. By collecting more food items, your Piaf will enhance in size. Can you conquer the skies and dominate with a gigantic Piaf?


  • AD or left/right arrow or mouse button to move
  • Space bar to dash
  • WSP to grab



May 08, 2020 Gameplay #1 Gameplay #1
May 08, 2020 Gamplay #2 Gamplay #2
May 08, 2020

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