Play Road Crash online
Play Road Crash online

Road crash is quite interesting and very addicting. It is a racing game and it has an interesting addition to it, a lazy, idle kind of gameplay. Collect and fill your pockets with an unimaginable amount of gold as you race and collide with your competition. When the race is complete you get the opportunity to gather and combine cars to make faster ones!


To steer the car Press the AD or left and right arrow keys.



This game features a lot of landscapes and a few races for everyone, the landscapes range from icy places to warm sunny beaches. Demolish your competition as you steadily rise to a win!


By combining cars you can get gold and also a chance to level up. There are so many fun options to choose from fast sports cars to muscle cars. So keep combining, earning, and coming up with new cars for all the fun in your race!


Road crash is full of rewards at every corner. In every race in this game, you will be rewarded some gold. You will also earn gold as well as diamonds by merging cars, you can use this reward to get new cars. For every car that’s parked in the garage, you’ll earn gold, and the longer it stays idle the better.


  •  To accelerate away from opponents aim for power-ups
  • Smash into other cars, but beware! It will slow you down
  • To catapult yourself forward, aim for the moving ramp boost
  • You can use the in-game bonuses to get new cars faster!


  • A lot of cars to unlock and combine         
  • Designed to have High-speed races with an exciting collision mechanism         
  •  Rewards are handed out regularly         
  • Different race zones around the world to be unlocked

Release Date:

Aug 2020



Road Crash was developed by Lucky Kat Studios.

Game Videos

Road Crash - Android Gameplay
Road Crash - Android Gameplay
Dec 01, 2020

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