Play Sack Race online
Play Sack Race online

Sack Race is a classic party game that is an amalgam of sports and math. In a traditional sack race, you with other opponents have to get within a sack and cross the finish line in a limited time. You will win the game if you cross the finish line, first.

This challenging game is full of fun as you have to answer a math question correctly for moving forward. With each step, there will be a question that you can answer correctly as quickly as possible and then you can move forward and win the race. Have fun!


Click on the jump button, if you answer the math question correctly, the character jumps forward, if the answer is incorrect your character drops off.


  • A sack race game having mathematic gameplay
  • Math addition questions
  • Simple 2D graphics

Release Date:

Oct 2018



Sack Race was developed by Arcadesindo Games.

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