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Controls is a multiplayer survival game in which you must cater to your basic needs such as food as you fight to survive a hone of aggressive crowds. Design and craft tools and weapons so you could use them to defend and protect yourself from mobs and other players. You can also be outstanding and craft the most valuable items in the game! All by exploring different biomes in the game and collecting the best supplies and resources!

The features of this game are very dynamic. The world is constantly changing from day to night and from one season to another, and the challenges are also endless. New mobs may have different characteristics according to the current state of things such as climate and weather. This will definitely require different survival strategies. So, be prepared! Level up and earn the title of the most famous survivor! And be sure to remember your number-one goal: Surviving no matter what it takes. Just choose a mode and a server that suits you and become's most excellent survival expert!


You can acquire most of the items and tools in the game through crafting. However, you can get lots of these items and tools through what’s called Chrono quests and mob drops. In general, you can pick up the food dropped by the mobs, whereas quests will provide you with special resources that will allow you to craft higher equipment.

How to Survive

Satisfying your needs and being out of harm’s way are key to survival. There are five bars each stands for one of the basic requirements to stay alive: Food, water, warmth, and oxygen, the last bar is for your overall health. Make sure you keep yourself safe, nourished, and warm, otherwise, these stats will go down very quickly.

You need to always be ready for a fight, the aggressive mobs will try and attack you, and even sometimes the other human players in the game. Keep crafting superior items and tools, stay healthy, and work on your defenses, and you will definitely have a better chance against the mobs.


In this game, you will need an entire workshop and specific resources to be able to craft the items you want. However, there are special cases where a workshop might not be a must such as in crafting the workshop itself. Obvious, isn’t it?

We want to emphasize that survival is what makes this game super fun. Players can accumulate the resources they pick from a variety of environments and natural sediments and use them to craft weapons, armors, and tools of higher quality to level up and become masters of the game. Another trick is creating windmills and similar structures to help raise your chances of surviving by securing a continuous supply of crops.


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move around         
  • Left-click to collect resources and to craft items


Do you know how to craft items in Let’s go through it.

The basic requirement for many of these items is a “workbench”. It can be made using 20 pieces of wood and 10 of stone.

Now, we’ll show you how to make yourself a private server

First, you have to purchase a private server in the game.

Last question: How long is a game day compared to a real-life day?

One daylight period is equal to 4 earth minutes, and nighttime is 4 minutes as well. This total exactly 8 minutes for each full day in

Survival Tips:     

  • First things first, beware of any dangers and avoid them at all costs
  • You can collect berries faster using a wooden pickaxe. The catch is that this one you’ll have to craft.                
  • Build your own base ASAP        
  • The more the merrier. Teaming up with others might be the best idea!

Basic Crafting Recipes:      

  • 15 woods will make a wooden pickaxe         
  • 30 woods and 5 stones will make a campfire          
  • 40 woods and 20 stones will make a workbench


  • It’s a very dynamic game with a realistic world and survival conditions       
  • You can form alliances with others to increase your chances as it supports multiplayer gameplay         
  • Players have the chance to explore and rule six different game modes         
  • Enormous biomes and many chances for item-crafting


Developer: was developed by LapaMauve.

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