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Controls is a multiplayer fantasy battle game where the players have to compete using different magical skills. You launch yourself out of the dragons best at the beginning and then after lookout for different lots and chests where you will find various weapons and equipment which will help you to survive till last!


  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys
  • Aiming/looking: Mouse cursor
  • Attacking: Left mouse button
  • Interacting: E
  • Switching weapon/item: 1-6, mouse wheel, or clicking on the inventory slot
  • Jumping off the dragon and descending more quickly: Space bar
  • Use accessory: Space bar


o compete with your opponents you have to collect several types of equipment and magical skills which you will be preparing in the dragon's best and after coming out from there you would be battling with others.

  • This game can be played in full screen.
  • There are several destroyable things in the game which makes it more realistic.
  • This game is very simple to use and has a perfectly user-friendly interface.

Release Date:

Mar 2019


Game Videos Gameplay! New fun .IO game? Gameplay! New fun .IO game?
Jun 15, 2020
Playing with my friend! (
Playing with my friend! (
Jun 15, 2020

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