Play Vex 5 online
Play Vex 5 online

If you’re a fan of overcoming and avoiding traps, Vex 5 is the perfect game for you. This game is a sequel to the infamous Vex. You will be fighting for your life through a series of mazes filled with deadly traps and blood-thirsty devices. Show off your skills in avoiding fatal enemies and obstacles. If you think this game is easy, you thought wrong. Vex 5 features the most unbeatable obstacles and challenges ever made. So, do you think you will leave this game as a winner?


  • AD or left/right to move  
  • W or up to jump   
  • S or down to crouch (enter an act)


Tips & Tricks

No matter how good you are, this game will be very challenging and will make you taste the bitterness of failure many times before you pass each level. Mastering the game will depend on trial and error. The more you get killed by the spinning blades and spikes flying towards you, the better you will become in this game. After several deaths, you might be skilled enough, or lucky, to complete the level successfully and pass to the next, more challenging one.

The best things come to those who wait. Aside from your skills and sharpness, this game will also depend on your patience. Sometimes you might have to take your sweet time and watch the patterns as they unfold, then go for it. Learning this game patiently will make you a Master of It!

The Levels of the Game

The game consists of 10 levels that get even more challenging as you advance. As you complete the levels, the labyrinths you have to navigate become more complex than before and the traps and obstacles become more difficult to overcome.

The Challenge Room

Apart from the standard mode, the game features an entirely different mode that adds loads of fun for those who love challenges; The Challenge Room. This mode has 30 gut-wrenching modes that aren’t meant for the weak. You will be racing against time through these levels while watching out for your death counter. The most exciting part is that every time you die, the patterns will change and you will be challenged to guess the order of the game. Your sharpness and instincts will be the only things saving you through this.


In this game, you will have a cabinet to keep the trophies you win throughout the game. The cabinet will be divided into 4 sections according to the categories of the achievements. Completing the level without dying throughout or even dying too many times in the level will get you a trophy. Adding to that, there’s a special type of achievement called Hardcore Achievements which include stars hidden around every level.


  • Extremely exciting and addictive gameplay with many complex levels to complete
  • You will be rewarded trophies for the difficulties you overcome
  • For those who like to push their skills to the furthest, the game features an exciting new mode; Challenge mode.

Release Date:

Nov 2020


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Vex 5 - Game Review & Walkthrough
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