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Controls (Wormateio) is a creative massively multiplayer online game inspired by popular It is designed in a huge domain. Your worm has to consume candy to grow. At the start of the game, you have to handle cute and colorful worms, but as the game progresses, these cute worms transform into real anacondas! You can reach the leaderboard by killing other players, just as the case of .io games. You should also watch out for the other worms!


Move your mouse to control your worm and click it for acceleration.


Can I play Wormate with friends?

You can’t organize a game with friends only but you can end up on the same server as your friends.

How do I win on

You can do so and be at the top of the leaderboard, by becoming the biggest worm.

How do I unlock skins on

For unlocking new skins, share Wormate on your social media platforms.

Is like

Wormate’s main inspiration is great


  • Presence of single and team mode
  • Impressive graphics
  • Various consumable items
  • Minimap
  • Available in full screen

Release Date:

Sep 2016


Developer: was developed by Oleksandr Godoba.

Game Videos 01 Hacker Pro Worm Trolling Giant Worm 01 Hacker Pro Worm Trolling Giant Worm
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