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Controls is a very interesting and peculiar game. This is another combat game that supports multiplayer gameplay. The fun part is that in order to destroy your enemies, you must hurl axes at them. Yes! axes. But before you can do that, you have to set up your character. You have a variety of characteristics to choose from including skins and skin tone. You also get to pick your unique username. You will find a variety of axes around the map.

You must act quick, pick these up and launch them straight at the bad guys to slay them! On top of that, there’s a series of gems of different colors you might wanna collect through the game. The more kills you land and the more gems you collect you will be able to hurl axes without having to pick some up. One interesting feature is a rage bar that gradually fills with each kill. When this bar is full, it will be like the full moon to a wolf. You will be invincible as, for a brief period, nothing will damage you and you’ll be an unstoppable ax-throwing machine. But sadly, this will end briefly, and you’ll go back to normal. Check this game out, hurl these axes, and have fun!


  • Use Left-click (Mouse) or press space bar (Keyboard) to throw an ax         
  • Use Right-click (Mouse) or press W (Keyboard) to dash



Developer: was developed by Clown Games.

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A Gameplay Of
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